Judging Your Carseat Facebook Photo

We all do it. If you say you haven't done it, you're lying right now which is worse than not properly putting in a carseat. You know you're a parent if you've ever judged someone on the following:
  • Their kid in a carset with straps loose enough for bungee jumping
  • Their kid in a carseat wearing a coat that looks fit for surviving in the Arctic Circle
  • Their newborn forward facing in the front passenger seat
  • Forgetting the carseat all together and just strapping their toddler to the top of the car
For these reasons, many of us have Facebook Carseat Photo anxiety. This is characterized by you inspecting a photo before you upload it with great detail to make sure the chest clip is just right (use a ruler just to be sure).

If you're more worried about the comments you'll get about your kid's carseat ("isn't that being recalled?") than the safety of your kid in the actual carseat, you might be parenting in 2014.

Judging Your Carseat Facebook Photo....WE LIKE YOU.

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