Walmart. Oh Walmart.

You're like that boy in college who we knew was bad for us and that we could NEVER bring home but kept around because he was *cough* good at a few important things. One important thing.

You don't linger in Walmart. You go through every aisle grabbing up what you need trying not to feel guilty about things like slave labor and employees who are probably being treated slightly better than barnyard animals.

Parents prepare for Walmart the same way they prepare to change a blow-out diaper: stay calm, try not to notice details, and do whatever you can to keep your hands clean.

Walmart brings out the worst in shoppers: grabbing, making messes, yelling at kids, letting toddlers run wild, but no one can deny those deals. The deals, just like the aforementioned boyfriends' skills, are what keep us shamefully coming back for more time and time again.

If you live close to a Super Walmart, you are especially powerless against its draw. Ground beef, windshield wipers, and pacifiers in the same place? Yes please. Just bring hand sanitizer because you're going to feel dirty.

Parents like Walmart. We're not proud of it, but we do.

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