If you're not reading this on your phone inside of a Target, you're planning your next trip. Or maybe you're sitting in the parking lot wondering how you went in for laundry soap and walked out with $250 worth of clothes, food, and miscellaneous items.

Target, we like you for for making our kids look presentable. Even though we know those $5 shirts won't last more than a year, our spawn would have outgrown them by that time anyway.

The clean aisles. The popcorn. The red irresistible clearance stickers. The cheap dresses, jeans, hoodies and yoga pants that make mothers feel like a million bucks. Target, it's like you *get* us.

Nobody wants to take kids to the store. Being able to buy a 6-pack bag of panties, birthday present for the neighbor kid, Diet Coke for the week, and frozen peas at the same place is everything.

Unlike Walmart (don't worry Walmart, you'll get your own post), Target doesn't make us feel like we need a hot bleach shower after we leave.

Thanks for being cool, Target. We like you. No, we love you.
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  1. Target is so underestimated. We love you Target!

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