Silently Judging Other Parents

"Can you believe their 8 year-old still sleeps with them?"

"I would never let my kids eat that garbage."

"Why do you dress him like that?"

One of the many perks of being a parent is that you're under the constant scrutiny of your peers. Only semi-retired parents (grandparents) dare criticize aloud. The rest of us prefer to deliver your Child-Rearing Report Card in the form of unsolicited advice, loaded side-eye glances, or a slight shake of the head. 

Why do we like it? The sick truth is that it feels good to think you know better than someone else. When your kid is sitting quietly in a restaurant eating their $15 grilled cheese and another one is losing their mind in the corner booth adjacent to yours, it's hard not to feel slightly superior.

"SUCKS TO BE THEM! LOL! IT'S CALLED DISCIPLINE TRY IT!" your inner a-hole yells. 

Don't get drunk on smugness. Your kid's public freakout is probably scheduled for next week.

How do you deal with being on the receiving end of judgement? The next time someone makes you feel like dog excrement because your kid has a tantrum or watches X hours of TV a day, just remember that the judgiest parents are often hiding the biggest parenting fails.
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  1. I just found your blog (through Honest Toddler). I LOVE IT! You're speaking my language. Thanks for the laughs (and truth).

  2. I loved the "oh that poor baby" looks I got from random strangers when I pulled out a bottle instead of a boob. My 3 kids are totally screwed up because I didn't breastfeed them until they went to school.

    1. Well, if you waited until they started going to school to begin breast feeding them, no wonder they have issues!

  3. "just remember that the judgiest parents are often hiding the biggest parenting fails" - one of the judiest comments I've read in a LONG time.

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