"Happy Birthday, Child" Facebook Statuses

Every parent knows that come their child's birthday they are REQUIRED to post a birthday message on Facebook. Our kids will never actually see these messages, but who cares, right?

It's also an unwritten parental rule that if you don't *like* the status you are basically saying, "Hey friend, I HOPE YOUR KID CATCHES HEPATITIS."

Why do we do it? It's hard not to be sentimental about the day your kid rode in on a wave of amniotic fluid. Plus, it's Facebook. MUST TELL EVERYONE EVERYTHING.

"Happy Birthday, Child" Facebook Statuses, we like you.

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  1. Ugh - I hate these kinds of posts. They are so obviously for the parents wanting other people to look at them and see what deep, meaningful things they post 'to' their kids. If it were really for the kids, you would buy them a book and write it in an inscription. I refuse to 'like' such fluff.

  2. Ditto parents who incessantly post pics of their kids. There's only so much of it I can like before thinking, 'get a life, fb is not a personal family album!'

  3. FB is whatever one wants it to be. A personal family album? Go for it. A place to complain about seeing too many pics of people's kids? All yours.

  4. I'm guilty of this one! HEY EVERYONE! Check out my Crotch Fruit! It's 10 years old today! Yipppeeee! Here are some awesome pics of her. If you don't like them I'll un friend you for sure.... :P
    Love your blog by the way. I think you may live inside my head.

  5. I spent hours coming up with beautiful memes for my son's birthday and posted little icons and things he liked. Very simple message, happy birthday, I love you, he deleted it. Very sad mom.

  6. Stupid Facebook! It was there with a whole bunch of other posts. You have to press "more" since people pile on the birthday posts. Dunce cap Mom! He showed me...he had loved it. I guess that just proves that if you overdo it, with lots of loving memes and sentimental images only your kid loves, it's not too much, Moms can get away with this. Very happy mom!

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