Drive Thru Grocery Stores

There's a reason parents describe shopping for food alone as a vacation. Have you tried doing it with kids? If you've got a baby in tow you either have to perch the bucket carseat precariously on the shopping cart (a big "no no" these days) or place it directly inside leaving little room for actual food. If you're shopping with a toddler or older kids, good luck. By the time you get out of there not only are your nerves fried from saying "NO" a million times, you've gone $80 over budget and can't even remember what you bought. 

Those miniature kid shopping carts may seem like a good idea to keep young children occupied but your other customers probably don't appreciate being rammed in the back of the legs with it by a 3-year old who can't walk in a straight line.

Nice try with the shopping cart cars.
Trying to turn these monstrosities is like trying to parallel park a big rig.

Listen grocery store owners. If you really want to make millions and attract parents, just invent the world's first fully-stocked drive thru market. We're not talking about those mini convenience stores although these are pretty great, too. They usually have essentials like milk, butter and cheese. Beggers can't be choosers with these places but who cares, you can stay in your car!

Parents of the world want a full-sized grocery store with aisles big enough for minivans and SUVs to roam freely. A grocery store where you can keep your kids strapped in while selecting fresh produce and more importantly, wine.

Science needs to fund this. If we can put a man on the moon, we can build grocery stores that allow you to stock up on pasta while listening to your Mariah Carey playlist from the comfort of your own vehicle. No getting in and out of the car. No pushing a cart while trying to hold a child's hand. No meltdowns over Sugar Chocolate Amazing Cereal Bombs conveniently placed at child-height. No employee handing your kid a balloon that will pop five seconds after you get home resulting in an hour of crying.

There would probably be a line around the block for this grocery store but parents wouldn't care. With the kids securely in their seats and coffee in the cup holder, we'd be happy to wait.

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  1. Our stores here are close. They offer online shopping, then you park in a designated spot and they bring the bags out to you. I haven't done it yet because I am not that organized, but it seems divine!

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