Remember when you used to go to bed knowing the next time you wake up it would be morning? Yeah, we can't either.

Parents, we know you're afraid to go to sleep. You are actually scared to close your eyes and experience deep, restful slumber because you know at any moment you'll be jerked out of it by:

a) a whimpering/screaming infant who needs a fresh diaper, liquid food, or just be held until dawn
b) a toddler who desperately needs your opinion on who is more powerful Batman or Spiderman, or perhaps can't locate one of his socks within a tangle of sheets
c) a kid who may have heard lightning, a car backfiring outside, or will pass out from thirst if a cup of water isn't fetched immediately

Or maybe no one will wake up but you're so used to 2-7 disturbances that you jump out of bed in a panic at 3AM to check to see if everyone is breathing.

The crazy thing is that for moms, this doesn't start when your precious sparkly bits of heaven are born, it starts with the pregnancy insomnia. Endless nights of trying to find a comfortable position in bed. Flopping from side to side like some kind of overgrown flounder, wishing you could sleep on your back but remembering reading something about how it compresses one of the baby's arteries or what not. Eventually you give up on the idea of decent rest and sit up wide awake, choking back wave after wave of glorious heartburn. 

Sleep? What's that?

When morning comes all too soon and the sun's evil light floods your home with expectations, what is a parent to do? With a mind cloudy from fatigue and body screaming for just a few more minutes of pillow time simple tasks like pouring cereal and milk into a bowl seem impossible.

Until: Coffee.

Hot steaming ambrosia. Fuel. Some of you are picky and need specific flavors, milk, and sugar. Desperate parents don't care if it's a $1 styrofoam cup of burnt mess from a shady gas station as long as it does the job

You don't have to admit it to us, but coffee might be the reason some of you get out of bed. In a time where sleep is a check most of us can't cash, this drink, this elixer, makes life possible.

Coffee, we like you.

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